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Mikulas Krejcik z Radimovic

heraldist MdH and graduated painter
Working since 1990 in the field of Heraldry

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The heraldic association with the longest tradition in whole Europe, strictly straightened after scientific principles


Today founded on the 3rd of November, 1869, since the 14th of August, 1882 by Royal Prussian cabinet order with the rights of a legal entity equipped, the oldest professional society is HEROLD for the fields looked by him in Europe . It is a scientific-heraldic and genealogical association with seat on the area of the Prussian state archive in Berlin. Worldwide the association has currently 1,000 members. The research main focuses are within the scope of the historical subsidiary sciences in particular a heraldry, genealogy, seal apprenticeship (sphragistics), order apprenticeship (phaleristics), coin apprenticeship and medallion apprenticeship (numismatics), name apprenticeship (onomastics) and biographic arts as well as land history and local history.

The technical library unique in Germany of the HEROLD encloses about 30,000 volumes. The use in the research hall of the confidential state archive Prussian cultural possession is public. Local lending and lending dispatch beyond Berlin occurs only to members.

The HEROLD is entrusted to me to the guidance of the German coat of arms registration - DEUTSCHE WAPPENROLLE (DWR) in which at the request of German middle-class and noble coats of arms, old-overcome and new-donated are registered subject to charges. About the registration a document with picture of the coat of arms is given. The publication occurs in the book row German coat of arms registration. Up to now 74 volumes have appeared, in addition a general register, 3rd edition in 2003. From the herald's committee of the DWR published "Wappenfibel, Handbuch der Heraldik" (coat of arms primer, manual of the heraldry), founded by Adolf Matthias Hildebrandt (in 1887, 19th display in 2002) introduces in the main features of this science, and the indisputable guide is for heraldry after strictly scientific points of view. The association has still published other technical literature and publishes consecutively other works. He is also a publisher of the heraldic technical periodical "Der Herold".

Finally, the association in the coat of arms picture card index begun in 1882 with her 150,000 proofs owns the most important heraldic collection. Rich genealogical collections, also hand-written and machine-written supplies, stories of single genders, sheet collections of genealogical single news, further the member's archive of the association with more than 4,100 membership cards complete the scientific instrument of the association and give a valuable equipment for his research project to every member

The members of the association use traditionally the abbreviation MdH - Mitglied des HEROLD (member of the HEROLD). Professional heraldists which are a member of the herald and also constant employees with the German coat of arms regeistraion use traditionally the name "heraldist MdH". With it is made to the audience clear that it concerns here a heraldist which is a) a member of the oldest heraldic professional union in Europe and follows b) in his quality as a heraldic employee of the German coat of arms regisration to the strict demands of the DWR without difficulty. Because naturally every heraldist to the strict requirements of the DWR cannot follow on the basis of absence of technical suitability, the imitation effect has appeared with some "heraldists" to get own abbreviation which can be brought with her own association membership in respect. However, this is only an imitation culprit, just no real heraldist MdH.

The officials of the association HEROLD

The association HEROLD currently has the following officials:
Protector: Dr. Alexander Duke of Württemberg.
Board of Directors: Chairman: Prof. Dr. Bernhart Jähning; Vice-Chairman: Dr. Ludwig Biewer; Secretary: Guido Dankwarth M.A.; Deputy Secretary: Mario Seifert; Treasurer: Hartwig Lingott; Deputy Treasurer: Hannelore Scholz; Librarian: Dr. Peter Bahl; Deputy Librarian: N.N.; Archivist: Andreas Loder; Deputy Archivist: N.N.; more assessors: Prof. Dr. Eckart Henning M.A.; Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kloosterhuis, Dieter Schubert.
Herald Committee on the German coat of arms registration (HEROLDS-Ausschuss für die Deutsche Wappenrolle): Chairman: Alexander Hoffmann, Members: Dr. Peter Bahl, Dr. Ludwig Biewer, Prof. Dr. Eckhart Henning M.A., Dieter Müller-Bruns, Werner Seeger, Regina Zimmernikat.
(Source: Der Herold, quarterly magazine for heraldry, genealogy and related sciences, Issue 4/2014, page 130)

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