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Mikulas Krejcik z Radimovic

heraldist MdH and graduated painter
Working since 1990 in the field of Heraldry

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The family coat of arms represents distinctness, pride and a elegant life style.
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Who can declare the ownership of a family coat of arms, possesses a special individuality and demonstrates a sense of family. If you do not have your own coat of arms yet, you can establish a new one by yourself. But careful to obey: strict traditional rules demanded by heraldry. Only a professional expert can meet the high requirements necessary for registering a family crest for example in the German coat of arms registration (Deutsche Wappenrolle - DWR). Mikulas Krejcik z Radimovic (of Radimovice) is heraldist and painter as well as heraldic author and heraldic cooperator with the German coat of arms registration (Deutsche Wappenrolle - DWR). The registry is held by the HEROLD association. It ist also possible for German families living in foreign countries to have their new coat of arms register in the DWR. Criteria of the affiliation of the German minority are language, culture and education. Such families thus protect a special cultural asset in the country of origin of her forefathers. Services provided by Mikulas Krejcik z Radimovic include creation of family trees and genealogical tables well.

Follow the side links about the heraldist , his activities and offers concerning heraldry and other artworks. You will find there also examples of his work. Now you leave the passive phase and up the active phase of developing your own coat of arms.

Exclusive quality and individuality for reasonable price

My activityies are foucused mainly the scientific and artistic area of the heraldry and genealogy. Highest quality of my work, individual aoproach to my clients and thier satisfacion are my top priorities. My offer the following areas:


  • design of new family crest/ family coat of arms

  • improvement of existing family crests

  • coat of arms research after old coats of arms

  • representative design of family crests, including the option of a drawing with 23 carats gold leaves on guenuine

  • heraldic book plates

  • design of family crest sculptures, consisting of a buckler and helmet replica with helmet cover and crest (!)

  • coat of arms certificates

  • name interpretation

  • registration of German family coats of arms in the German coat of arms registry - Deutsche Wappenrolle

  • individual consultation

Genealogy graphics artworks

  • design of genealogical table (no genealogical researches)

  • design of family tree (no genealogical researches)

  • portraits of ancestors based on old photos

  • other artworks, e.g. pen drawings of old family estate based on old photos etc.

  • calligraphy works, e.g. replicas of old documents


  • own productions (huge number of themes, techniques, and styles)

  • portraits (on request)

  • nude painting (on request)

  • copies of old masters (on request)

  • drawing an paintings after photo models (e.g. children or animals)

  • other artworks (on request)

I guarantee heraldically and artistically flawless work as an approved heraldist and painter. For more information or an offer to crest sculpture, family tree or desing of genealocical tabel please feel free to contact me. I will be glad to answer any questions and consider your personal wishes.

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