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Mikulas Krejcik z Radimovic

heraldist MdH and graduated painter
Working since 1990 in the field of Heraldry

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Dear visitors and clients,

If it is about heraldry, then you should be careful in particular. As everybody knows, in the field of heraldry there are more than enough rotten apples, amateurs and botchers, as well as commercial enterprises pretending to be "scientific" institutions, taking advantage of unsuspecting customers and charging excessive prices. This is just in the last case, a non-debatable fact away! The long list of celebrities from politics and culture, presenting such companies like as references on the Internet shows, in reality, just frightening the large amount of them so far over the table drawn people. In reality, these companies are forced to first reinzuholen the costs of their disproportionate administrative burden. The heraldic works are usually not accepted by them themselves, but are then more or less qualified - and usually not mentioned - "heraldists" pass, which must be paid for it then yes. And in the end, the "scientific "institutions also have to be registered a profit. The result is definitely juicy "pharmacy prices" - and often also too poor arms!

A freelance heraldist is an individual and therefore it does not have the administrative burden of a "scientific" institutions. With him on the other hand the price-performance ratio. He only accepts even the heraldic work for and with his signet, he also puts the authorship of his cout of arms open and verifiable. His heraldic work on each case in accordance with the heraldic and graphic principles. Therefore you should always turn to a reputable heraldist to avoid being disappointed or deceived. You find the criteria for the judgement what one can recognise such here.

Let me to introduce myself: Since 1990 (so for over 25 years!) I have been a heraldic cooperator for the German coat of arms registration (Deutsche Wappenrolle), maintained by the HEROLD (society for heraldry, genealogy, and related sciences) in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 1869, HEROLD is the oldest heraldic society in Europe. I am also member other well-known heraldic societies in Germany and the Czech Republic. I work as a heraldic author. I am obligated by the good reputation I enjoy in the circle of heraldic experts to deliver excellent heraldic and artistic work. I guarantee with my signet as heraldic painter and respected heraldist that all of my family crests and paintings meet the highest requirements of scientifical heraldry.

Thanks to my academic education as a painter I master a broad range of painting and drawing techniques, as well as different art styles. These professional skills can be used in a number of ways, for instance in heraldry and portraits of ancestors based on a picture or an artistic depiction of genealogy graphics like family trees or genealogical tables. With my long-time experience in scientific genealogical research, I am not only a painter, but also an expert in genealogy graphics artworks.

In my possession is extensive and well listed professional library which encloses more than 2.000 volumes. Under it are beside the heraldic and genealogical state kind works (among others the complete Siebmacher armorial - Old and New Siebmacher!) also works from different other complementary fields.

Heraldic exhibitions:


One more note: After having submittend my genealogical data I was lent coat of arms and the predicate "z Radimovic" (of Radimovice) from the Czech Lineage Societs. (Zemska stavovska rodova unie - ZRSU). The ZSRU is a heraldic and genealogical professional society with concentrates particular in the renewal of the family tradition in the Czech Republic. The society cannot make enoblements but, ackmowledges descendants of aristocrats. According to its statutes, registred by the Ministry of the Inner Affairs of Czech Republic on 15th March 1991 under act no CR MV 3/15/1991, c.j. VS/1-5850/91-R the ZSRU is authorized to grant coats of arms and predicates. A duplicate of my coat of arms letter is archived in the in State Central Archive in Prague. Is is woth mentioning that the springs of my noble forefathers from the Polish family Wroblewski herbu Lis decscend up to 1379. The origion of the coat of arms of this family (the community coat of arms with is a specific feature of the Polish nobility heraldry) dated to the year 1240 and can to be seen here .

So my reputable name should guarantee the quality as well. Please get in touch with me and feel free to tell me your wishes and questions.

Mikulas Krejcik z Radimovic

Last updated 03/10/2019

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