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Part 2
coat of arms dizziness and coat of arms trade in the present, page 2

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5.) Heraldic and genealogical forums: At this point it must be stressed that there are of course serious forums. However, this does not apply to all forums. There are forums which stand obviously in direct connection with the subject Coat of arms dizziness and coat of arms trade! The operators of such web pages state, e.g., which they pursue no commercial purposes. The advertisement which is switched on her sides serves merely to cover in addition the server costs. If one looks then, however, e.g., Sponsored links, one finds under it links to the group called here under point 1! Who pursued heraldic forum and, besides, admit the advertisement of coat of arms ski Eden on his side which supports - consciously or unconsciously - the coat of arms dizziness and coat of arms trade in the present.

An example In the 4/12/2011 I had written a short contribution in a known German heraldry forum. The subject was a coat of arms dizziness and coat of arms trade. In the text I had put a link on this heraldry page. Three people answered this contribution in sharp form. Besides, long-lasting insinuations were not made towards me., Among the rest, it was maintained that I wanted to make only own advertisement under the cloak of the "clarification". This is completely wrong. In my contribution here I indicate the cause for existence of coat of arms dizziness and coat of arms trade clearly: the state supervision about the heraldry lacks this. At the same time I also urgently demand that the state again must take over the supervision about the heraldry. To me it was subordinated that my offer "name interpretation" is criminal. This is completely taken from the air. My offer is described clearly and a picture of an example of a name interpretation also exists. The author compares the response "speaking" coat of arms with a rebus (a picture puzzle)! And the interpretation of a surname is a word meaning explanation. He has apparently completely overlooked that each name of course so did a word. This scheme is working splitting hairs and it is clear that the author of this response appeared to be not in the clear was what to write ever since.

In people who answered in the forum there as sharp to my post, my post has obviously taken very personally. Then ask yourself why? When a person is obviously an administrator, or possibly one of the two website operators. Which this person feels taken is understandable. If we make it in this particular forum advertising for the largest German coat of arms blacksmith! Another person gives out their own coat of arms. It is a trader (sole proprietorships). He also sells other products such as sealing rings. The third person is also a businessman, who gives himself the appearance of heraldry. He is even "tested heraldist". But since he also sells wood carvings, which does not originate from its own production, he is a business.. Both people called last do not fulfil both criteria for a serious Heraldiker as these have been put together by Dr. Bernhard Peter. (There further: Einführung in die Heraldik ... Wappenwesen und Wappenstiftung ... seriöse Heraldiker). You also can find the criteria for the judgement what one can recognise such here.

Who would want, that can have a look with pleasure contribution in the heraldry forum and form his opinion then. Also note please that afterwards the link on my side has been removed from the administrator. In addition, the post was speared, so that there no one can write new answers. Obvious one would not want that is cleared up in the forum there really about coat of arms dizziness and coat of arms trade. This is clear, because one would not like to be shown up in own forum! In such forms dubious people from the heraldic subculture described here apparently romp about since long time unnoticed, virtually as "place deer", and have by her many written contributions also a trust advance with the audience. Besides, the least one becomes conscious which type it concerns here with these "genealogical and heraldic experts".

6.) Certain private individuals also contribute her contribution to the coat of arms dizziness. Besides, the wish is in often the foreground that one is to mostly noble descent (from the fatherly line). There are maybe verbal traditions in the family. Nevertheless, this kind of traditions is to be found often. If nevertheless, no sturdy proofs are given, so the concrete genealogical data which book the descent in the man's trunk of a noble ancestor then this noble descent is also not provable. If a private individual instructs a Heraldiker with the drawing of such an existing coat of arms then, however, with all the strength and presents with the placing of order phoney references, this individual also contributes to the coat of arms dizziness.

7.) Unfortunately there are heraldists, which work together in all silence with coat of arms smiths Heraldists which work together secretly with the companies who make pretence of a "scientific" institution themselves. The logo this heraldists does not appear as a rule on the drawing. Then for it is on the drawing the tip to the "scientific" institution. However, a serious Heraldiker will always sign with his logo. This group called here under point 7 acts most despicably. These are heraldic experts who know the principles of the serious heraldry. But they reject these principles for selfish reasons, because they have an additional income by the cooperation with coat of arms trade. Without such black sheep in the circles of the heraldists the existence of companies with the appearance of a "scientific" institution would be not at all possible!

There are certainly even other examples from the present. If we put to ourselves, nevertheless, once the basic question, why in the present coat of arms dizziness and coat of arms trade can well exist in big circles of the population so unnoticed. The part 3 devotes itself to this topic.

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