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Mikulas Krejcik z Radimovic

heraldist MdH and graduated painter
Working since 1990 in the field of Heraldry

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The crest sculpture returns unique the original atmosphere of the knight's time

Medieval crest sculpture,
castle Erbach/Odenwald, Germany.

Crest sculpture is a new coinage which is briefly explained here. Before, however, a question: Crest can be artistically designed in a number of ways. Do you belong to the group of people who love the extraordinary - an exceptional and original representation of your family crest ?

As you probably know, the winner of a knight tournament won the weapons, the armament and the horse of the loser. In this manner, bucklers and helmets with covers and crests were collected and put up on the wall as trophies. Today these relics of medieval heraldry can still be found in some castles and palaces.

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Now something is available to you what was previously reserved to the nobility: the representation of your family crest as sculpture. It is a unique piece of art made by skillful artist's hands. The helmet and the shield are replicates from metal in actual size! The shield was treated with acrylic colors and gold leaf (23 carats). Mantling and wreath are manufactured from cloth. The crest has a stable wire torso and is formed from papier mch. Outside the crest with acrylic colors and leaf metal is treated. It is fixed with screws to the helmet.

Get real knight's romanticism in your sitting room. Request serious interest under model of a drawing of your coat of arms for individual offer. Please, give with whether you already have a family coat of arms which should be used as a model or on account of you in this connection also the production of a new coat of arms wish. (To the orientation: the price of the full coat of arms-plastic illustrated here amounted to EUR 3.395 - without coat of arms draft.)

My achievements are free of value added tax.

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